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Podcasting with Nutty Nuchtchas

Published March 10, 2016 Nutty Nuchtchas of Nimlas Studios and “Nutty Bites” podcast joins Lynnette to talk about the podcasting community and how to use it for activism. Download Link … Continue Reading Podcasting with Nutty Nuchtchas

Support The BiCast

You can contribute directly via PayPal or Made especially for my sister. 20% of the net profits will be donated to The BiCast, founded by Lynnette MFadzen, for their work … Continue Reading Support The BiCast

GoFundMe Update

  THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO KEEP OUR PODCAST RUNNING FOR A YEAR:   $350 website/bandwidth costs $800 equipment costs (computer, external hard drive, portable drives, batteries, microphones, software) … Continue Reading GoFundMe Update

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