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Author Jeanne G’Fellers “Cleaning House”

Published    2018-08-21 Author Jeanne G’Fellers joins Amy and Mick to talk about her new book “Cleaning House”. Set in Appalachia it is a magical adventure to find oneself. Download … Continue Reading Author Jeanne G’Fellers “Cleaning House”

Spirit Day 2017

Published 2017-10-12 Alexandra Bolles from GLAAD returns to tell us about Spirit Day and how we can stand up against bullying.. Download Link [archiveorg SpiritDay2017 width=640 height=30 frameborder=0 webkitallowfullscreen=true mozallowfullscreen=true] … Continue Reading Spirit Day 2017

The Pride Study With Dr Mitchell Lunn

Published 2017-08-08 Lynnette speaks with Dr. Mitchell Lunn about the The Pride Study. A comprehensive and interactive long term study on LGBT Health. Download Link [archiveorg ThePrideStudyWithDrMitchellLunn width=640 height=30 frameborder=0 … Continue Reading The Pride Study With Dr Mitchell Lunn

Bi Arts: 3 Piece Suite With Kai Hazelwood

Published 2017-08-28  Lynnette talks with Kai about their new production. Join members of LA’s vibrant bisexual community in celebrating bi visibility month. 3 Piece Suite explores bisexual identity, activism, and … Continue Reading Bi Arts: 3 Piece Suite With Kai Hazelwood

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