Bi Activists: Miles The Bisexual

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published 2017-09-15
Amy and Elizabeth chat with our Miles The Bisexual!.


Twitter: @milesenbi  and  @milebimile
Insta: @milesenbi
Blog: Earning Milieage
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Interview: Cathy Renna of Target Cue and #biweek 2015

Lynnette and Mick chat with Cathy about #biweek 2015 and shape of things to come.

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BiWeek 2015 Kick Off with Mick and Amy

We have a blast kicking off Bisexual Awareness Week with Mick Collins and A.M. Leibowitz!!

Bisexual Awareness Week 2015

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National LGBTQ Task Force Has A New Name — Will It Have More Inclusive Programs to Match?

Excerpt from interview with Audrey White for AUTOSTRADDLE

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Spectra Speaks: Bye, Bye, Bi?? Ridiculous

After catching up on the LGBT Task Force debacle (in which they published an article called “Bye Bye Bi”… sigh), I feel compelled to state publicly:

I deeply value and cherish openly self-identifying bisexual people – not just because they deserve to be valued as human beings in general, but because I genuinely believe their experiences create bridges between seemingly disparate communities, and in really powerful ways. They’re owed more than an apology each time society messes up. They’re owed our gratitude.

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Roundtable 08: #BiWeek recap with Faith Cheltenham and Lauren Beach

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published October 2, 2014
We review the events of #BiWeek and the milestones for the entire
year. John Clark, Allison Woolbert, Faith Cheltenham, Lauren Beach and
Lynnette McFadzen.

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SAGE & Center Bi Celebrate Bisexual Pride

Bisexual Awareness Week #BiAllies

Today is the final day of the campaign to bring awareness about our bisexual community and it’s issues to the rest of the world. We conclude with #BiAllies. We asked our allies who include our love ones this question. “How do I be a Bi-Ally?” And here are some of our responses… Continue reading

Random Lights

Beautiful work. Many of them you know.

LARKER Issue 2: Random Lights Flaring in Our Chests

A Bisexual study featuring: Kathy Acker, Faith Cheltenham, Vinayak Das, Marlene Deitreich, Isadora Duncan, Harrie Farrow, Fer Filol, Dani K O Flux, Robert Giard, Hannah Hoch, Imani the Misfit, Lani Ka’ahumanu, Razi Marysol Machay, Patrick RichardsFink, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Sylvia Rivera, Sapphire, Julia Serano, Edward Steichen, James L. Sword Jr., Seth Tisue. Continue reading

KBOO BiVisibility Interview

Cameron and Lynnette had a great interview with Alan Silver of Outloud.

Out Loud celebrates Bi Visbility Day with Portland-area bi organizers and authors. Continue reading