Out And Equal With Erin Uritus

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published 2018-02-26
We talk with Erin Uritus. The new CEO of Out and Equal. The workplace advocates for our LGBTQIA community. Erin is also #OneOfUs
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Podcasting with Nutty Nuchtchas

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published March 10, 2016
Nutty Nuchtchas of Nimlas Studios and “Nutty Bites” podcast joins Lynnette to talk about the podcasting community and how to use it for activism.
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Bisexual Health Awareness Month 2016 / Julia Canfield

Julia Canfield of The Bisexual Resource Center joins Lynnette to share information on this year’s Bisexual Health Awareness Month campaign in March. With a focus on the unique needs and experiences of bisexual+ youth, the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) proudly proclaims March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM) for the third year in a row.
BHAM Logo with words(Logo by Kate Estrop)
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Rorie Kelly 2016 Album Debut

Rorie returns to tell Lynnette about
the release of her new album
“Rising, Rising, Rising”
RisingGuitarFloat1200 RisingYoga1200 RorieKellyRisingRisingRisingCoverPhotos by Bryan Downey

www.bandcamp.roriekelly.com <— where to buy the album
www.twitter.com/roriekelly <—let’s be twitterpals!

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Bi Local: 1 To 5 Club Utah With Shauna Brock

Lynnette chats with Shauna Brock of the 1 to 5 club in Salt Lake City , Utah. a long standing bisexual+ group based at Utah Pride Center.
1to5Club Starbuck and me StephLuShauna

Facebook: facebook.com/1to5clubutah
Instagram: instagram.com/1to5clubutah
Twitter: @1to5clubutah
Tumblr: http://bisexual1to5.tumblr.com/ *
Email: 1to5club@utahpridecenter.org

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