The BiCast statement on #Charlottesville

We will not tolerate racism, antisemitism or any forms of violence. We will continue to post, share against it and denounce the Nazi movement. They are not the alt-right. Call them what they are. Murdering terrorists. #StandUp #SpeakOut


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Ending Biphobia in LGBTQ Spaces is Not the Job of Bisexuals

National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

When I first came out as bi, I eagerly sought out the LGBTQ community. Seeing that lovely shiny “B” right there in the acronym, I waited to be embraced by this new, wonderful rainbow of a community. I was taken aback that my first forays into this community space actually made me feel worse than I did before. The spaces I entered were very monosexual (experiencing attraction only to one gender, unlike bi, which is an attraction to two or more genders) focused. I felt awkward going to events with my partner, fearing I wasn’t “queer enough” and that I didn’t “deserve” to be included. At some events emcees regularly derided bipeople, either knowing we were in the room and simply not caring or they believed that we simply didn’t exist.

Aud Traher at Bisexual Week Rally at White House Aud Traher at Bisexual Week Rally at White House September 21, 2015

Around the time it was the bullying…

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Kinda Gay: Bi Erasure on Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Butch Please

Willow Rosenberg wasn’t always into chicks.

Throughout season one of Buffy, our lovable hacker pined for her best friend, Xander. Her feelings weren’t reciprocated (Xander was too busy mooning over Buffy), but even so, she carried a torch for him well into season two.

That’s when she met Oz, an adorable guitarist who made no secret of his interest in her. The two began a tentative flirtation, rendering Willow appropriately smitten. Eventually, she managed to ask him out on a date. So began the cutest romance ever.

Xander, upon being rejected by Buffy, eventually struck up a dalliance with a cheerleader named Cordelia. After a bit of a rocky start, they settled into being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Things were going great for everyone until a few days before Homecoming. Willow and Xander decided to try on clothes for the dance together. Nothing was amiss until Willow emerged from behind…

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Bisexual Conversations 101 by Harrie Farrow

Bisexual Conversations 101

A must have resource for Bi+ Activists and the entire non-monsexual community.

via Bisexual Conversations 101 — Writer Harrie Farrow

The Pain Behind Pride

Yeager the Younger

Processing this past weekend’s attack has been difficult. When it happened, I was visiting Los Angeles to volunteer with their bi+ community at LA Pride. So much of my time there was glorious, especially meeting and working with such wonderful people, yet the weekend was tainted by bigotry and violence. I can’t fully shake feelings of despair, fear, and anger, but after a few days’ perspective, I’ve realized the emotion I feel most intensely is Pride.

It was slightly over a year ago that I first connected with bi+ folks in Portland, Oregon. I nervously walked into one of Bi Brigade’s monthly discussion groups at Q Center, but by the end of the meeting I knew these were my people. The evening’s only disappointment was learning that bisexuals had no contingent in Portland Pride that year. We kicked around possible remedies and exchanged email addresses before parting ways.1 Looking…

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Only Yesterday

(By Cher Guevara)

Only yesterday
I stood in the middle
Of a hundred thousand brothers and sisters
Cheering, clapping
Feeling so free and safe.

Only yesterday
I saw thousands of flags;
All the Colors under our umbrella
Waving without fear.

Only yesterday
We felt on top on the world,
On the peak of the mountain.

Now our eyes stream
To clean the blood off the bar.
Streams running down the hearts of our nation
Cleansing this river of hate;
That still cuts through our lives,
That still cuts down our lives.

Only yesterday we cheered,
Now today we mourn,
And tomorrow we re-organize;

A family together undeterred
Still marching forward.

We grieve with our community….

#standwithorlando #orlandostrong #orlandorising

orlando heart

Equality Florida GoFundMe Pulse Victims Fund

BiNet USA Statement

weareoTo find out about vigils in your area happening today or tomorrow, please visit: #WeAreOrlando

Damned in Dixie Blues (By Walter Beck)

One for all the brothers and sisters down in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi

Damned in Dixie Blues
(By Walter Beck)
North Carolina dug their tar heels in
And burned forty-two thousand dollars
Just to make sure we couldn’t use their bathrooms;
Putting up “Cis Only” signs
From the mountains to the Atlantic.

Georgia zeroed their sights in,
Getting ready to pull the trigger
And tell us all,
“You queers ain’t welcome here!”

Mississippi made it known
That we wouldn’t be served
In the Hospitality State;
As they put it plain and clear
That they don’t have to marry us.
They don’t have to serve us.
They don’t have to recognize we even exist.

South Carolina followed down
Hot the tar heels step;
Posting their own “Cis Only” signs
On all the schoolhouse johns.

Tennessee doubles down
On one long bloody night;
Closing their mental health facilities
In our faces
And locking the bathroom doors
Behind them.

Another state follows another state,
Follows another bill, another resolution,
Another ordinance, another amendment,
Another barricade, another brick,
Another steel barred door
Standing in the way of equal justice under the law.

Barring us all up
In this long burning Hell
Under the lock of religious liberty.

It’s a burning Hell in Dixie
From the Appalachian Mountains
To the Mississippi Delta.

Oh it feels like we’re all
Collapsing on the picket lines
Feeling the backlash
Of the damned in Dixie blues.

Our Bi Laureate at Rally Against HJR-6 Terre Haute, Indiana October 11, 2013

Our Bi Laureate at Rally Against HJR-6 Terre Haute, Indiana October 11, 2013

Transgender Day of Visibility 2016

To honor this special day we bring you the podcast re-run on Trans Mental Health Concerns with Dara Hoffman-Fox

transvdayIt’s Trans Day of Visibility!Here’s 15 Ways To Let Trans People Know You See Them and Care

12832563_504969129685408_64761980957916007_nInternational Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual holiday occurring on March 31 dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide. The holiday was founded by Michigan-based transgender activist Rachel Crandall in 2009 as a reaction to the lack of LGBT holidays celebrating transgender people, citing the frustration that the only well-known transgender-centered holiday was the Transgender Day of Remembrance which mourned the loss of transgender people to hate crimes, but did not acknowledge and celebrate living members of the transgender community.


TransGriot, March 31, 2016 Counting My Trans Visibility Blessings

My Corpse Will Not Be Your Movement’s Foundation (reblogged from EvenAud)

I also was one of the moderators and I cannot express enough how much I and everyone participating were traumatized. All those who think you are doing a service to the community by pushing “Bi Is Binary” understand you are damaging people. A LOT of people. We are not a concept or theory. We are living , breathing human beings are attacked by this rhetoric. We as a community view this as an act of violence.-Lynnette

(Thank you Aud for putting into words what so many of us experienced. You are a true champion!)

This is a reblog of work by Aud Traher. Read full blog here:

An Odd Rey

     Coming into an all day Bi+ Institute, where seconds before people in the room had been talking about how the Bi+ community, how the terms, bi,bisexual, and biromantic had at times saved their lives, and then raising your hand to state that you feel that those very labels, should be abolished in favor of a different term, like pansexual is violence.

   At the time I personally was too gobsmacked say anything. I personally take this moment, this utterance, as the trigger that sent me into a dissociative episode that lasted not just the whole rest of the day, but had extreme mental health consequences weeks afterwards.

    I felt hurt, so much pain and hurt. I’ll never forget the looks on people’s faces. The sheer pain. But also the sheer, unbridled rage. I at the time failed everyone miserably in not calling that statement out…

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Not Really. Really?

And some great thoughts from Patrick!

Eponymous Fliponymous

I want to talk more about a logical fallacy that comes up a lot, one that I briefly mentioned in my article busting the myth(s) of the barsexual. It’s called the “No True Scotsman” fallacy, and the reason it’s called that is because it’s most commonly illustrated with stories similar to this one:

Feargus reads a story in the morning paper about a horrible murder in Edinburgh. “See what these foreigners within our borders have done! No Scotsman would have done such a terrible thing!” The next morning, he learns that the crime was committed by his second cousin. “Well, he’s not really a Scot, no True Scotsman would have done this.”

One of the big areas where this comes up is because people use a version of this to erase bisexuals, almost invariably by comparing us to myths and then using those myths to claim that we’re not “real…

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