A Holiday Message from The BiCast


I am taking a much-needed break over the holidays. We have been at it pretty hard. I had wanted to do a show on surviving the holidays but will collect interesting links instead. We will resume after January 5th with a show favorite returning! Here is #bicelebhero Crystal Bowersox and her bi coming out song…
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“I thought they were gay?”

c'mon you can say it!!

c’mon you can say it!!

Recently an article was shared in a Bi Facebook group about celebrities everyone thought were gay but actually bisexual. It was filled with celebrities stating they are attracted to men and women and sleep with both. Statements like “I’m not gay. I’m not straight. But I don’t like labels.” I am paraphrasing a bit but you get the idea. Much discussion about this followed. Several points were brought up about lack of bisexual representation and the right of people to define themselves as they wish.

And then a friend posted this. I did not write it. But I wish I had. We lack #bicelebheroes to connect with. To validate us. To make coming out as bi just as heroic as coming out as gay. There are a handful. Which I admire and am very proud of.  But the following is why being a role modal is important…..
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SaintZero Headphone Bleed with Mick Collins

Lynnette had a completely rocking time with Mick Collins, author of “Night Shall Overtake” (completely rocking book too) on his internet radio show Saintzero Headphone Bleed. you can catch the interview here. And yes we talk bisexual.

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National LGBTQ Task Force Has A New Name — Will It Have More Inclusive Programs to Match?

Excerpt from interview with Audrey White for AUTOSTRADDLE

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Stand against bullying! Wear purple and make your profile pic purple for #spiritday 10/16 at http://glaad.org/spiritday #LGBT

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Spectra Speaks: Bye, Bye, Bi?? Ridiculous

After catching up on the LGBT Task Force debacle (in which they published an article called “Bye Bye Bi”… sigh), I feel compelled to state publicly:

I deeply value and cherish openly self-identifying bisexual people – not just because they deserve to be valued as human beings in general, but because I genuinely believe their experiences create bridges between seemingly disparate communities, and in really powerful ways. They’re owed more than an apology each time society messes up. They’re owed our gratitude.

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Bisexual Awareness Week #BiAllies

Today is the final day of the campaign to bring awareness about our bisexual community and it’s issues to the rest of the world. We conclude with #BiAllies. We asked our allies who include our love ones this question. “How do I be a Bi-Ally?” And here are some of our responses… Continue reading