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TERF 101 Links

Terf 101 Links: Article on TERF Theory, TERF 101 GID Declared a Hate Group Good article on who and what they are: Michigan Women Fest: Transgriot: … Continue Reading TERF 101 Links

Bi Mental Health Interview with Dr. Mimi Hoang Links

Mimi Hoang, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist Los Angeles Bi Task Force amBi Los Angeles (LA’s Bi Social Community) Bi-osphere at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center American Institute of Bisexuality Klein … Continue Reading Bi Mental Health Interview with Dr. Mimi Hoang Links

GayWrites Interview Links

GayWrites Social Media

Round Table 07: WWBD Links

Trans Mental Health with Dara Hoffman-Fox LPC Links DARA’S WEBSITE RESOURCES Family/Friends/Allies Mental Health Professionals

Books Bi Us: Links for AJ Walkley Interview SOCIAL MEDIA Huffington Post Profile

Bi+ Story Project Links About Bi+ Story Support the Project Facebook

The Use of Social Media links

This list is not anywhere near finished. But I wanted to give you all something to start with. Any suggestions for additions will be welcomed. Episode 06 Links    .doc … Continue Reading The Use of Social Media links

Links to Debra Kolodny BIO and Resume

2014 Resume-short Deb’s two pager

Books BI Us: Interview with Harrie Farrow links

Bisexual Batman onTwitter

Biphobia Links BiNetUSA Bisexual Resource Center Start Your own Group NW Pride Portland Trans Parade Central Oregon Pride Center Bi DC Meet Up Shades of Lavender Oregon Meet Up

BI Health- Mr. Friendly Links

Mr. Friendly Segment Links: Mr Friendly is a program of AIDS.Gov

“Labels” Links

RitchandFamous: Help Shiri get to NYC for the Lambdas!


National Bisexual Organizations Start a Local Group:

Links Getting BI in the Gay…

Shiri Eisner My facebook page  *  My WordPress blog  *  My Hebrew-language blog  *  My Twitter Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution Contact me at: bisexualrevolution(at) Harrie Farrow Twitter  * … Continue Reading Links Getting BI in the Gay…

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