Meet The Crew: Elizabeth M. Mechem

Photo: Elizabeth and her motorcycle

I’m Elizabeth; co-host and co-producer of the BiCast. I became involved with the BiCast at Lynnette’s invitation almost a year ago. I’ve learned quite a bit working on this podcast and have been enjoying myself greatly.

My coming out story began when I first heard the word “bisexual” When I was nineteen, way back in 1992. Until then, I was trying as hard as I could to suppress any same gender attractions, as I didn’t understand that being attracted to more than one gender was possible and completely normal. After doing some work on myself, along with a lot of healing from a traumatic past, I was able to understand and embrace my sexuality completely. I came out to my close friends and have been repeatedly coming out ever since (as bi folk often do).

Growing up in a military household, I’ve lived many places. Currently, I live and work in Lawrence, KS. My home is a happy one filled with children, pets, and one loving spouse. My day job is as a church secretary here in town. When it comes to relaxing, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, chainsawing stuff, fiber arts, and binge-watching television shows with the kids.


Meet The Crew: Amy Leibowitz Mitchell


Hey, I’m Amy, they/them please and thank you. I’m a co-host as well as an author, freelance editor, and reading nerd. I have a tendency to fan-crush all over my favorite authors, and I love to talk about books and writing. I have several novels published as A.M. Leibowitz, primarily with bisexual characters of various genders and relationships.


I didn’t come out as bi and gender fluid until I was in my late 30s, right before publishing my first book. I’d known for years that I was multi-gender attracted, but it was hard to admit it even to myself. Being out publicly has opened up a whole new world for me. I’ve built new relationships and rekindled old ones now that I can be my authentic self. Through writing, I’ve been able to work through a lot of the complexities of my identity.


I like to joke that I’m “half of everything.” Raised in an interfaith family with strong ethnic ties on both sides, I have always lived in the spaces between one culture and another. It makes perfect sense, then, that my sexuality and gender would reside in those spaces too. As a person living with multiple invisible disabilities, I also understand the importance of really being understood and believed about who we are and what we need.


Besides all that, I’m a spouse and a parent of the two most wonderful kids (I may be a bit biased). In what little spare time I have leftover, I’m a violinist with a local community orchestra. Music is as much a core part of my identity as anything else.


If you want to talk to me or send me awesome bi books to read, you can find me any of these places:





Instagram: @amyunchained


Meet The Crew: Mick Collins


My name is Mick Collins. I’m a co-host and resident new guy.  After spending a childhood fending off and finding excuses for odd affections and urges, I realized at nineteen that I was bisexual.  The realization was a crystal clear thought and my reaction wasn’t spectacular.  In fact I remember thinking, ‘Oh.  Well, that makes sense.’ then went back to studying.  Living in Southern Idaho for thirty years, one gets good at existing at the fringes without exactly explaining why you are there in the first place.  But then I moved to Austin where the fringe is less fringier. I have always been open about who I am but selective in what situations I choose to reveal it, because Momma didn’t raise no fool.

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A Very Brief History of The BiCast


When I came out 3 years ago I had great difficulty finding resources and a community. Shunned by the larger LGBT community (the one place I thought I would find refuge) I searched on-line for anything about others like me. At the time Google still had a ban on the word bisexual in their drop down menu. It was very difficult.

And may I add the downright hostility and hate I received from the gay and lesbian community was astounding. And continues to this day. I truly believe most do not feel this way. But those who do are very vocal and leave the impression they represent the entire community. I call on the gay and lesbian community to refute this small faction and support the bisexual community. As we have always done for you. Continue reading

“Bisexuality and Beyond” Sue George blogs-Bisexual and over 50: Lynnette

Sue George is publishing our stories. Check out her blog for details. And thank you for giving us a voice.

Bisexual and over 50 4: Lynnette

Looking for bisexuals over 50

Our Transcription Volunteers

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Meet The Crew: Vanessa Cantrell

vanessa bicast bio picVanessa Cantrell, one of our researcher volunteers, is an fashion designer, mother, and the founding facilitator of BiComm Bloomington: South Central Indiana’s only resource dedicated exclusively to bisexuality awareness and education. BiComm provides information and a safe haven for new-bi’s, bi-curious people and their allies, while growing healthy community for more experienced bisexuals by creating and promoting inclusivity within the GLBT community. BiComm has cultivated connections with IU’s GLBT Student Support Services, the Kinsey Institute, Bloomington PRIDE, and the PRISM Youth Community toward this end. Continue reading

Meet The Crew: Walter Beck

Rally Against HJR-6 Terre Haute, Indiana October 11, 2013

Walter Beck Our lovely Bi-Laureate Writer and Activist

∗this biography is in interview form∗

So let’s start with the basics. We know your name, duh. How are old are you and where did you grow up?

I’m twenty-seven and I grew up in central Indiana, what used to be small towns and cornfields before the strip malls and housing divisions moved in.

Lynnette: You have been an activist for a long time. You must have started in kindergarten. Continue reading

Meet The Crew: Becca

Our Lovely Becca Co-Host and tumblr Media Manager

Our Lovely Becca Co-Host, tumblr and Promotions Media Manager

Hi, I’m Becca, your BiCast co-host, tumblr manager and promotions media manager.

This is the bit where I tell you about me, right? Alrighty then, down to business.

I’m female (still sorting out whether gender fluid or gender non-conforming or some combination of the two), bi*sexual and madly in love with my cismale partner, mixed race (Caribbean/Indian in maternal line, White European (Polish) in father’s side), British (Yorkshire!), my social politics are left wing and my judicial politics lean more to the right, I’m a liberal Christian and was raised Catholic, I’m dyslexic and dyspraxic (It’s a fine motor skills and memory thing mostly, and a few social difficulties), I have an IQ of 140 and I’m a History major minoring in American Studies. I am a verbal analytical learner. Continue reading

Meet The Crew: Lynnette

lynnand aud at the wh

With Aud Traher (Vice-President BiNet USA) The White House Public Policy Briefing on Bisexuality 2015

Lynnette McFadzen – Co-Host and Producer

Hi! My name is Lynnette and I am proud member of The BiCast crew. I am a older Gender non-conforming out and proud bisexual/demisexual female. They/she/her. I was born in Porterville, California but grew up mainly in Oregon. I have lived in LA and Tucson in the past but now call The City of Roses my home. Portland, Oregon is a progressive and amazing place to a be part of. And very beautiful.

I have worn many hats in my life including nurse, waitress, factory worker, fast food worker, Customer Service Representative to name a few. I obtained my G.E.D. and put myself through community college twice. Someday I hope to finish at least my associate degree, but it seems less and less important to do that as time goes on. Continue reading