About TDM

The Doll Master is a website dedicated to sex dolls, we offer reviews and recommendations to find the most affordable and at the same time the best quality sex dolls out in the market today.

We are a couple who runs a sex doll brothel and owns 15 sex dolls, three of which we personally keep as exclusively for ourselves. Owning sex dolls is one of the reasons why we put up this website because there are times that the products sold online are highly priced but poor in quality. There’s this stigma of realistic sex dolls becoming a scam as of late so we don’t want any victims of these dubious business practices. We’ve been scammed a few times already so our experience made us sense red flags from a distance.

We built this review website to make sure that you won’t fall for the same type of bait as we did. We will teach you everything you need to know to avoid scammers and to ensure that you really get the dream sex doll that you wish to buy.