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About The BiCast

The BiCast Mission Statement

We strive to be about, for and bi our community. We are not about separating from the alphabet but having our say at the podium. We work to build our community and provide support. We will provide information and news pertinent to us. Bisexuals. This includes all of us under the umbrella. Trans, pansexual, genderqueer, asexual, intersexual, everyone. We also want to help pull our community together, and to present a strong political front.

The BiCast was formed by a group of people who wanted to do so something to better everyone’s lives. We are regular people. Students, mothers, fathers, grandparents, artists, workers, disabled, young, old, ethnic, poor and passionate. So we are using the best resource we have available to us as regular folks. We hope to educate the other communities as well as are own. To build our community and provide support by sharing our stories. We plan to do this via the Internet and The BiCast Podcast.

We are diverse in our geographical roots as well. We hail from all over the world, England, Australia, India, New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Washington DC, Michigan and Oregon.

We feel that if we can help one person through their journey of discovery concerning their sexual identity we have succeeded. As bisexuals due to the stigma and biphobia we experience from others and ourselves we often feel isolated and alone. As if we are the only one who feels the way we do. We hope to show our audience that they are in fact part of a rich culture and community. Full of history and full of support.

We believe that in order to build a strong community we of course need strong organizations and leaders. But just as important we need strong involvement at a local level. We want to help individuals find support and encourage their participation in local groups and events. Everyone is valuable. You never know by just listening to someone or by sharing your story how that could be a turning point for someone and possibly change their life. And give encouragement to those with no local activity to start their own. To make yourself your own new family so to speak.

We want to reach out to those out there and let them know, whether they are out or in the closet-

*You are not wrong* *You are not broken* *You are not alone* *You are human*


The BiCast Crew
The BiCast Crew


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  1. Finally! I think what we also really need our own documentary. Like Bridegroom. ..but about bisexual invisibility/phobia. To reach a bigger audience. I’d really like to be part of creating that. ..but I lack the resources to pull it off alone. Anyone else want to help put something like that together?

  2. I know many very talented writers, actors and directors. The problem is funding. I can give you names. Finding the money…..haven’t solved that issue. Lynnette

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