What To Expect When You Buy A Love Doll

If you’re ready for a new sexual experience, it’s time to put away your fleshlight and move on from watching porn. These days, the hot new way to spice up a sex life is with sex dolls, human-like figures designed to provide sexual pleasure without any of the obligations or hangups of relationships, hookups or call girls.

Love dolls have been around, believe it or not, for several hundred years. But it’s only recently that their manufacture and qualities have become extraordinary, and that’s led to their immense popularity. Now there are thousands of options to choose from in every store, offline and online.

  • Setting your expectations

An important reminder before we get going: manage your expectations. Quality sex dolls are costlier than sex toys. They also requires consistent maintenance and careful storage. You should also do your research before going shopping for a love doll, because there are so many different types to choose from. You have to set your budget, because the very best sex dolls can be rather pricey. Finally, know what you want your doll to look like and be able to do – otherwise, you could end up making a poor choice and end up disappointed.

  • The price

Cheap sex dolls won’t last long; the ones that will provide the most enjoyment and last for years are more expensive than you might expect at first. You’ll pay a lot more than for a fleshlight, porn subscription, or a vibrator. You can get a “starter model” to try out for less than a thousand bucks; a premium one with added features would probably cost more. But the higher price is well worth paying. Check out a site like Doll Wives to get your bearings.

  • The material of the love doll is important to take into account

There are two types of material used to make high-end love dolls. The first is synthetic TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is a combination of vinyl and rubber. It provides for a smoother sex experience, it’s firm but also flexible.

The second is silicone, which is a classic favorite among consumers because it’s the most lifelike. Although you still need to apply lube, you do not have to apply a lot because the material does not wear easily even during rough sex. You can find love dolls made from both materials at dollwives.com and some upscale sex shops.

  • Decide on features

The different available appearances of sex dolls will amaze you. Sex doll reviews are a good way to determine what features you want and can live without. From college girls to businesswomen, from athletes to MILFs, from brunettes to blondes, from big boobs to tiny girls, love dolls can be purchased (or custom ordered ) with just about any look you’d like. They can be different races or ethnicities and different sizes. too.

  • You need to buy cleaning materials, too

You want to be able to maintain your love doll for a long time, and that means cleaning it frequently. Sex dolls accumulate bacteria and dirt from one’s genitals easily, so washing with antibacterial soap and a soft sponge is essential to keep your doll as healthy as you are.