Choosing A Sex Doll By Its Looks: You’ll Have Many Great Choices.

As artificial humans, sex dolls serve as a sexual catalyst for people who want to satisfy their sexual urges and fantasies. They look like humans, but their features, like boobs, vagina, and penis, are exaggerated to make up for the sexual fantasies. Some people still use sex dolls even if they are married, with themselves or their partners. Some even married sex dolls. The bottom line is that sex dolls fulfill fantasies and make sex convenient for those who want it from the get-go.

There are different looks for sex dolls. If you are not looking for a sex doll that you can customize because of a smaller budget or the lack of time, you need to know the four sex doll looks out there to choose the best type for you. Each classification comes in different shapes and sizes. But the choices are there to satisfy people who have a specific kink or preference in sex.

  • Silicone type

If you want your sexual partner to look more elegant and real, then silicon sex dolls are the way to go for your liking. Silicone makes everything look more real. It does not only apply in sex doll but in all things, like breast implants or nose adjustments. Another thing to consider silicon sex dolls is that the material does not easily wear out of use.

You can use it anywhere: with rain, heat, and dust, which it can easily resist. They are the most common type of sex doll, because of their durability which easily allows you to explore different sexual positions without breaking your sex doll.

  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) type

Thermoplastic elastomers or TPE refers to the combination of rubber and plastic to mold materials. The sex dolls are made from thermoplastic rubber, which gives that real-life touch to the sex doll. The sex doll looks so smooth and flexible that you can add as many pressure as you can and it will not break.

  • Blow-up type

The blow-up type of sex dolls focuses on the flexibility of the sex dolls. Mixing vinyl and rubber, sex dolls under this type are more durable and are cheaper. The materials sued were not as expensive, but they can resist extreme situations.

  • Stuffed sex dolls

In this type, sex dolls are seen as more like stuffed toys, which are light and easier to carry around. They do not look like real people.