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It’s hard to say goodbye

Published 2020-05-22thebicast-logo-1440x1440

The time has come to make it official. I have put this off because it is so hard to let go of something you love so much. But we have very good years and it is time to give the spot light to all the excellent podcasts for our community that exist now. On a personal level I tried to rip the bandage off to slowly. Lesson learned I am no longer a member of BiNet USA and wish to not participate in activism beyond this point. I am 63 and know that time is measured in years not decades for me. I chose to give my time and energy to my family. 

I know many of you wish I had spoke my mind during our current drama. I don’t believe it would be productive or even necessary. Or even helpful. And definitely detrimental to my mental health.

I’m out kiddos. I hope the future holds so much less toxicity for our community. Keep your heads up and keep pushing forward. 

For one last time remember you are not wrong, not broken, not alone. You have community.

Lynnette McFadzen


So much love to all our hosts, creators, volunteers, contributors and guests. But especially to our fans who kept this show alive. Good luck to you all!











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