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Consent And The Bi+ Community With Robert Bellarn And TheFayth

Published  2019-06-04thebicast-logo-1440x1440

We discuss consent and the bi+ community and how we can better serve by following rules of conduct already established by the nudist, bear and kink communities. In addition, we talk about #biweek and our new sites for the community.

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About Robert:
Pronouns (he/him)
instagram: muntzman 
Twitter: muntzradio
Producer of 1 minute talk, 2 minute cinema and the Friday Night Hang (sports & life) podcast. 
Also I have a published coming out article with instagram zine writer/ artist Bearwithlee. It is in zine issue #05 Coming Out Stories
Currently working on the Stories for Mom Project (print and visual) and other books about my family. 
9/14/2019 I did the 2nd annual Naked In A Cave Walk event @ Howe Caverns in upstate NY 
For more info on nudism/naturism (naturist society) (American Assn. of Nude Recreation) (Long Island Travasuns group)

For more information on the historic NIH bisexual health workshop visit Bi Pride Day

Check out these new websites too!


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