Shout Out Comic with Ashley Gallagher

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published 2019-02-16
Elizabeth and Lynnette speak with Ashley Gallagher, writer of Manicita and the Songkeeper,featured in the upcoming LGBTQIA+ anthology, Shout Out, by TO Comix Press.

Above page image used with express permission by TO Comix Press.
Want to see more? Buy a copy when it comes out in May. Totally worth it.


Shout Out: Bold Queer Comics for Teens Find Manicita and the Songkeeper among other great work in this upcoming Queer anthology being released in May.
Ashley Gallagher See more of Ashley’s work here.
POMEmag From the website: POMEmag is an internet magazine for witchy goofballs who are also big huge nerds. We publish smart, strange content for thoughtful and sensitive weirdos. 

Music provided by Honeybird & Rorie Kelly


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