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Meet The Crew: Elizabeth M. Mechem

Photo: Elizabeth and her motorcycle

I’m Elizabeth; co-host and co-producer of the BiCast. I became involved with the BiCast at Lynnette’s invitation almost a year ago. I’ve learned quite a bit working on this podcast and have been enjoying myself greatly.

My coming out story began when I first heard the word “bisexual” When I was nineteen, way back in 1992. Until then, I was trying as hard as I could to suppress any same gender attractions, as I didn’t understand that being attracted to more than one gender was possible and completely normal. After doing some work on myself, along with a lot of healing from a traumatic past, I was able to understand and embrace my sexuality completely. I came out to my close friends and have been repeatedly coming out ever since (as bi folk often do).

Growing up in a military household, I’ve lived many places. Currently, I live and work in Lawrence, KS. My home is a happy one filled with children, pets, and one loving spouse. My day job is as a church secretary here in town. When it comes to relaxing, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, chainsawing stuff, fiber arts, and binge-watching television shows with the kids.

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