Our Stories

Stories and conversations from us, from our community, from those who led us here, and from those who lead us into the future.

Everybody’s story is important. Our lives are our stories, each one built from events both mundane and exciting. Any given community is comprised of a plethora of stories. Our community is diverse and colorful, an amazing spectrum of people whose experiences are like anybody else’s, yet unique in no other way.

Our Stories wishes to capture your stories, to collect them. We want to record the experiences, tragedies, triumphs, lessons, and failures. As every life is important, so are our stories. Bisexual (of any spectrum), Pansexual, Transgender, Women, Men, Gender(of any spectrum), people of color, young, old; there are no exclusions. We all have something to say.

What are we looking for exactly? Both unique and mundane experiences that had an effect on you, as a person. It could be when you came out (either to yourself, or to others), times of support from unexpected directions, times of disappointment, failures, triumphs, what it means to be who you are, views from our youth, lessons from our elders, challenges of race, diversity of gender, what it means to be a part of our community, and what it means to be excluded from community. These moments are important and need preserved, even if most of the time we don’t realize it. There are so much of our day to day events that others can be touched by.

Make us laugh, make us cry, make us think, and remind us that as diverse as we all are, we are more similar than we realize.

Format. We would love to hear your stories in your own words. Record your voice at your computer or phone and send it to us, so we can post it. If that’s not your thing, then write it out and we’ll read it for you.

Email us at ourstoriesbicast@gmail.com. Please advise if you’d like your name posted or wish to remain anonymous. We value the comfort and safety of everyone.

These two stories were submitted by Bi Positivo Mexico, a Bi+ support group in Mexico. Each audio has a Spanish and English translation.


Download Link


Download Link

Read by: (English) Mick Collins
Read by: (Spanish) Lori Rodriguez

“Identificarte con tu orientación sexual, permite tener un bienestar psicológico”

“I had let it all go, I accepted my fate, even though I had not said, lived, loved, created, it all. I had not even found my entire voice as a Black, Bi, woman, yet.”

Download Link

Submitted by Natasha
Read by Mick Collins

“Over the last year, I have come to accept myself in regards to my bisexuality and I am also confident that God still loves me for who I am, because I am His child who He created in His image.”

Download Link

Submitted by Tim
Read by Mick Collins

CW: Non-consensual sexual situtations

“What I mean to say is, that this is my story. It is a story that starts, ends and begins with tragedy. It is a story of the forming of my inner self. The self that lives, and yet is hidden. It is the inner self who has forever been restrained. Perhaps forever shall be, except in those fleeting moments.”

Download Link

Submitted by Minnesota Guy
Read by Mick Collins

“My message is, for bi adults and parents is; as long as it’s safe be out.”

Download Link

Submitted by Anna (@bifamilies)

“Approaching my 30th birthday I woke up and realized, I never experienced that other side of me. I’ve been so focused on my husband, who I love dearly and who is supportive of my feelings, but the other side of me took a back burner. I had yet to come out or try to be a part of the community.”

Download Link

Submitted by Alice
Read by Mick Collins

“That when I told him I like women too and every time I checked a woman out I wasn’t just doing it to be cool, or more likable to him, or the guys who would have me as a friend. This brought the previously mild sexual and emotional abuse to a new level. Now, not only were other men threats but the women were too.”

Download Link

Submitted by Anonymous
Read by Mick Collins

“I set the bar of extreme and my crossdressing made me pretty, and I enjoyed it. I honestly gave people a reason to hate me since they didn’t have one, and I made a big thing out of it. I always felt left out of those family/love/career conversations that gay and straight people seemed to embrace.”

Download Link

Submitted by Matthew
Ready by Mick Collins

“At first, writing was a means of sorting out my thoughts and feelings in fictional terms. These days, it’s a form of self-expression. I am who I am. My characters are who they are. None of us needs to hide.”

Download Link

Submitted and read by Jeanne G’Fellers

“I want to come out, and I will, but when and to whom remains to be seen.”

Download link

Submitted by Anonymous
Read by Mick Collins

“My name is Sierra Packham I am 18 years old, and I am bisexual. I grew up in a separated household were, from where I observed my parents to be heterosexual, even though when I was younger those words didn’t mean anything to me….”

Download link

Submitted by Sierra Packham
Read by Mick Collins

“As we grow with the knowledge of who we are, the scales and balances of attraction go back and forth until we become comfortable with the understanding of where they lay.”

Download link

Submitted and read by Mick Collins

More stories to come…
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About Michael R Collins

Michael R Collins is an author of stories that need be told. Often dark and sometimes seedy, they can also be poignant. They are fast-paced and atmospheric stories with characters both fantastic yet relatable. Born and raised in Southern Idaho, he currently lives in the creative bosom of Austin, Texas. If he's not working for the man, he's either writing or annoying the neighbor by playing his bass guitar far too loud.

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