Bisexual Health Awareness Month 2017 With Denarii Monroe

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published March 9, 2017
Lynnette discusses #BHAM 2017 this year with Denarii Monroe. Denarii shares her idea for the theme for this year “Social Health” The new format for Bisexual Health Awareness Month breaks down the topic of Social Health into four focus areas (Friends, Family–chosen or of origin, Partners, and Community).


Follow the Bisexual Resource Center on their various social media outlets to stay connected with BHAM campaign updates:


Join the conversation! Use the following sample Tweets/posts to begin engaging in the campaign:

  • Did you know March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month? Follow @BRC_Central for updates. #BiHealthMonth
  • This year’s #BiHealthMonth is focused on Social Health. @BRC_Central will provide stats, resources, & opportunities for action during March!
  • Celebrate #BiHealthMonth with @BRC_Central by engaging with their campaign on Social Health in March!

After March 1st:

  • #BiHealthMonth is here! Follow the campaign at @BRC_Central.
  • I’m celebrating #BiHealthMonth by following @BRC_Central’s campaign on Social Health!
  • We’re celebrating #BiHealthMonth by following @BRC_Central’s campaign on Social Health!
You can find Denarii at:
(music provided by Honeybird & Rorie Kelly)
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