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Bi Local: Bi Women In Austin

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published October 5, 2016
Elizabeth and Lynnette talk with local leaders in Austin on how to start a Bi+ Group Girl Talk: Bisexual Femmes 
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 Open Discussion and vote on future topics and books

Sunday, October 16, 2016
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Austin Library-Yarborough
2200 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX (edit map)
Private Meeting Room
This will be an informal discussion relating to Bisexual women, challenges and issues that we face, questions that come up, is there support out there?
This will be very casual, please know that you can share as much or little as you like. I know it can be difficult to come out and meet others, and I’ve heard that there seems to be a few close friends in our group and yes that’s true! But we all have come out to an event and met one another in the past.
There aren’t any support groups in Austin for us to go for support, and belonging to a supportive group is a very important.
I will bring some brochures, the topics are:
What Does It Mean to Be Bisexual?
Am I Normal?
How Do I Learn to Like Myself?
Whom Should I Tell?
How Can I Meet Other Bisexual People?
So if you are new here, or haven’t been to a Meetup in awhile, I invite you to come to this open discussion. Hopefully we’ll have a few other Organizers or active members come out as well.
I chose the Yarborough Library because there’s a Private Meeting Room, and also it’s Centrally located and maybe we can go to Pinthouse Pizza afterwards if anyone is interested.
When you arrive at the library, just ask the Information Desk where to find the Meeting Room. I have us listed as:
Group: Girl Talk Discussion Group
Topic: Open Discussion to vote on future topics and books

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  1. hello I’m Ash Stocklin, the president of the hays high school GSA. We are interested in having speakers from the Bi Community come to share their life stories and experiences to our GSA.

    If any person or group of people are interested, please message me on the Hays High School GSA facebook page or text me at 817-405-7872. You can also email me at

    Thank you very much!

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