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Bi Culture: Cartoonist Tara Madison Avery


Published July 27, 2016
Lynnette talks with the creator of the bisexual cartoon “Gooch” and board member for both Prism Comics and The LA Bi Task Force. We discuss #SDCC2016, The Bisexuality and Beyond Panel she participated in, and her work with the anthology “Alphabet” and “Anything That Loves” And get a little of what is is store for the future!!
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 Prism Comics

Prism Comics is a 501c non-profit organization that promotes awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender creators, stories, characters, and readers in the comics industry. It does this through informational booths and programming at comic conventions, print and online guides to LGBT creators and comics, and the annual Queer Press Grant to assist publication of new LGBT-themed work.


ALPHABET was born from a scrappy little non profit that promotes LGBTQAI comics. Every year Prism Comics gives out the Queer Press Grant, but we thought we could do so much more. The Prism Comics Queer Press Grant is an annual financial grant that helps queer comics creators self publish their graphic novels, web comics, and zines. The grant is awarded to one creator, but many talented queer cartoonists apply every year. ALPHABET showcases these artists in a big sexy hard back anthology, giving them a well deserved boost to their comics careers.

ALPHABET is edited by Prism Queer Grant Chair Jon Macy (Fearful Hunter) and Prism Treasurer and Stacked Deck Press Publisher Tara Avery. This is Stacked Deck Press’s debut publication.

Anything That Loves

From confessional, personal accounts to erotic flights of fancy to undersea identity politics, this collection of comics invites the reader to step outside of the categories and explore the wild and wonderful uncharted territory between “gay” and “straight”. Winner of the Bisexual Book Award for Bisexual Non-Fiction, and included on the American Library Association’s Over the Rainbow Project book list for 2014!

Los Angeles Bi Task Force

LABTF is a non-profit that promotes education, advocacy, and cultural enrichment for the bisexual, pansexual, and fluid communities in Greater LA.

The Los Angeles Bi Task Force (LABTF) was founded in 2008 and is a 501(c)3 organization that promotes education, advocacy, and cultural enrichment for the bisexual, fluid, and pansexual communities in the Greater Los Angeles Area as well as aims to develop a future bi resource center.

Signature LABTF events include educational workshops and panels, visibility at Pride events, the annual bi arts fest to honor Celebrate Bisexuality Day, and the Bi Leaders Holiday Party.

Cheating at Solitaire

Website for comics, sketches and thoughts by T. Avery.

Find Gooch here.

Stacked Deck Press is a publisher committed to diversity and quality in comics and prose. Excellence is in the cards.
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