My Corpse Will Not Be Your Movement’s Foundation (reblogged from EvenAud)

I also was one of the moderators and I cannot express enough how much I and everyone participating were traumatized. All those who think you are doing a service to the community by pushing “Bi Is Binary” understand you are damaging people. A LOT of people. We are not a concept or theory. We are living , breathing human beings are attacked by this rhetoric. We as a community view this as an act of violence.-Lynnette

(Thank you Aud for putting into words what so many of us experienced. You are a true champion!)

This is a reblog of work by Aud Traher. Read full blog here:

An Odd Rey

     Coming into an all day Bi+ Institute, where seconds before people in the room had been talking about how the Bi+ community, how the terms, bi,bisexual, and biromantic had at times saved their lives, and then raising your hand to state that you feel that those very labels, should be abolished in favor of a different term, like pansexual is violence.

   At the time I personally was too gobsmacked say anything. I personally take this moment, this utterance, as the trigger that sent me into a dissociative episode that lasted not just the whole rest of the day, but had extreme mental health consequences weeks afterwards.

    I felt hurt, so much pain and hurt. I’ll never forget the looks on people’s faces. The sheer pain. But also the sheer, unbridled rage. I at the time failed everyone miserably in not calling that statement out…

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