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#AtlanticLGBT #bijack Signal Boost- Please Retweet


Do you have a twitter account? Please help us counter The Atlantic’s nasty bi erasing and thoroughly biphobic “LGBT” summit that strangely includes ZERO Bisexuals!!!

So EVERYONE, throughout the day, please:

(1) Sign on to your twitter
(2) go here:
(3) scroll to bottom of list
(4) just go from bottom to top “liking”
heart emoticon
+ “retweeting” as you go
— depending on how fast your system is of course — shouldn’t take more that say 5 minutes

(5) If you can check back every couple of hours during the day

Know you all are busy but it’s very quick to do this way AND every retweet is VERY important!

Thanks All

Read all about it:…/bijack-unfinished-business.h……/a-brief-history-of-atlantics…



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