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Meet The Crew: Mick Collins


My name is Mick Collins. I’m a co-host and resident new guy.  After spending a childhood fending off and finding excuses for odd affections and urges, I realized at nineteen that I was bisexual.  The realization was a crystal clear thought and my reaction wasn’t spectacular.  In fact I remember thinking, ‘Oh.  Well, that makes sense.’ then went back to studying.  Living in Southern Idaho for thirty years, one gets good at existing at the fringes without exactly explaining why you are there in the first place.  But then I moved to Austin where the fringe is less fringier. I have always been open about who I am but selective in what situations I choose to reveal it, because Momma didn’t raise no fool.

I am an author who has published a number of short stories (and counting) as well as my  novels, Night Shall Overtake and Pale Winter Sun.
            Community is not something I have a strong history of reaching out to.  The saying goes that no man is an island.  My response to that was always, “Watch me as I prove you wrong.”  So I spent lots of time just avoiding the hell out of things. But I can’t do it anymore. There is too much at stake to sit back. I have battled depression and idiots and have come to the hard fought conclusion that things are darkest only because there is so much light to reach for.



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