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Save Orashia Edwards

Orashia Edwards is a bisexual man who has been fighting for asylum in the Uk. He is in immediate threat of deportation back to Jamaica where his public admission of bisexuality insures he will be in great danger and possibly death. Promoting Inclusive Attitudes Towards Bisexuals has joined in the campaign to Defend Orashia with this petition. Please sign and share:

Show solidarity, create awareness for total inclusion. Bi community exist and we have been here for long

leeds no borders has been working on this from the beginning. They also have a petition:

Teresa May: Release Orashia from detention!

For more information on Orashia’s story check out the links below.

Bisexual asylum seeker made to submit photos of sex with a man to ‘prove’ his sexuality

Orashia Edwards‘s UK asylum claim rejected by judge – BBC News

Bisexual Jamaican Denied U.K. Asylum Due to ‘Dishonest Sexuality’

Defend Orashia
Defend Orashia on twitter

Donate to Help Defend Orashia! | Leeds No Borders



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