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A Very Brief History of The BiCast

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When I came out 3 years ago I had great difficulty finding resources and a community. Shunned by the larger LGBT community (the one place I thought I would find refuge) I searched on-line for anything about others like me. At the time Google still had a ban on the word bisexual in their drop down menu. It was very difficult.

And may I add the downright hostility and hate I received from the gay and lesbian community was astounding. And continues to this day. I truly believe most do not feel this way. But those who do are very vocal and leave the impression they represent the entire community. I call on the gay and lesbian community to refute this small faction and support the bisexual community. As we have always done for you.

When I did finally find my community and BiNet USA’s Facebook group I still couldn’t find any other real source for information that reached those like me who had felt along and wrong about our orientation.

I had become interested in podcasting while ill for several years and had even worked up the nerve to guest on one. I was deathly afraid of public speaking. But one thing serious illness does for you is you do become acutely aware of the limited time you have left. And you stop being afraid of being afraid. At least for me. Having conquered many of my fears I put together a plan to learn to podcast and develop TheBiCast. A podcast for the bisexual community.

We gathered others from a diverse background of race, gender, orientation, etc. and created our show.
Our current active crew is Becca Tsarna, Bi Historian Eileen Leary, Aud Traher, CMaurice Love, our in-house Bi Poet laureate Walter Beck, our researcher Vanessa Cantrell. And our newest member Michael R. Collins. We have a few members who are inactive at the moment. And several who work behind the scenes. Thanks Nikki and Apphia! We are growing rapidly and still need support staff and Co-Hosts.

We have several volunteer transcribers including Brynes Transcription Services.

Our goal was to reach the isolated. To show we have community, culture, history and resources. It has been a year and we have produced over 82 podcasts. And have started some video segments and video projects too. We are now a mixed media cross-platform organization.

My mantra has been if we help one person heal and find self acceptance and peace it is all worth it. I believe we have done that. And that is a feeling I cherish. And the feedback we get confirms we have succeeded our goal.

We are all volunteer and although BiNetUSA is our fiscal sponsor we are  solely responsible for our own fundraising. Please help if you can.

Go Fund Me and Patreon (Where you can give as little as a dollar and make it monthly!)

Thank you for your continued support and love,

Lynnette McFadzen

Our podcast:

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and our YouTube Channel
I have recently been elected to the board of BiNetUSA, our fiscal sponsor. A non-profit bisexual advocacy organization and a great place to start connecting and finding resources. And they have a very active Facebook group where we commune, learn and support each other.

Transcription Links:

The BiCast Crew
The BiCast Crew

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