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Important Announcement: For Loraine and Nan

Listen up gang. This one is important.

You see this woman there? That is Loraine Hutchins – bisexual activist, author, educator, feminist, and BAMF of the highest order. She has been a bisexual activist LONGER THAN MOST OF US HAVE BEEN ALIVE …

In 1991 Loraine co-authored Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out with Lani Ka’ahumanu. This book revolutionized the LGBTQ world by giving bisexual people a chance to Speak Up about Their Own Lives instead of being Spoken About.

Loraine personally conducted interviews with bisexual men dying of AIDS to make sure their voices and experiences would be preserved and included. In 25 years the book has never been out of print. It has become a beloved classic … So many of us here … are finding Our Community and Our History and Our Culture and Our Voices here, in large part because we stand on the shoulders of giants like Loraine.

And behind every great woman is another woman who is helping her make sure shit gets done, and that is what Loraine’s partner Nancy has done for years behind the scenes.

Or as they say: “Loraine and Nancy have shared a home and various business partnerships for the last 7 years and Nancy has often served as Loraine’s personal assistant, being the wind beneath her wings, in all the ways that’s meant.”

However Nancy has recently received a Terminal Diagnosis and Loraine NEEDS OUR HELP to pay for her Ongoing Hospice Care.

And they are falling short of their $12,000 goal. By like a lot. Which personally fills me with Sadness and Rage.

I want you ALL to Ask Yourselves if you can afford to give Loraine even just $1 as a THANK YOU for Everything she has done For Us as an Expression of Gratitude for every person who has ever found themselves in the pages of Bi Any Other Name, and as an Expression of Love for a life lived in service to her community

If you can’t, I want to know if you can signal boost this to every corner of the internet you know. Pound pavement people. Please please please. Loraine deserves that and more.

– Sarah (via Bi Elders)



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