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For Leelah

Trans Life Line

The Last Tears Shed: No More Martyrs Blues Pt. IV
(By Walter Beck)

For Leelah Alcorn 1997-2014

Yet another young sister gone too soon
In a flash of desperation.
Another young sister gone too soon
Before her life even began.
Another young sister gone too soon
Nailed to the cross of Christian love.

Her last words to us
Were to fight on
Don’t let me die in vain.

We’re polishing up our marching boots, sister.
We’re dusting off our picket signs, sister.
We’re sharpening up our pens and swords, sister.
We’re ready to fight on;

Fighting to finally end it all,
All the blood spilled and minds wrecked,
Fighting to end the electric wires
And false promises of conversion.
You were never broken, sister;
It’s this world that needed fixing,
Not you.

Oh sister
Unconditional love
Should have kept you here amongst us.
But we know
Unconditional love
Will resurrect you

As we march forward.

Rest angry, Sister Leelah.
Rest defiant, Sister Leelah.
Rest battle ready, Sister Leelah.
Rest in power, Sister Leelah.

Let your blood be the last spilled
Before our last bridge is crossed.

If you are in trouble:

Support Leelah’s Law/ Sign the petition:
Leelah’s Law – Ending Transgender Conversion Therapy

Join Have a Gay Day’s candlelight Vigil

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    • I passed this on to Walter. Really awesome thank you!Walter says you have his full blessing. And permission.

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