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SaintZero Headphone Bleed with Mick Collins

Lynnette had a completely rocking time with Mick Collins, author of “Night Shall Overtake” (completely rocking book too) on his internet radio show Saintzero Headphone Bleed. you can catch the interview here. And yes we talk bisexual.

Looks like I out myself with Lynnette MFadzen from The

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Night Shall Overtake
Night Shall Overtake

In a city whose gritty underbelly might try to eat you…. Weird creatures that normally inhabit bad dreams roam the streets. Lovecraftian horrors have day jobs, things that defy imagination are running convenience stores and fast food joints. Twila Matthews, an underpaid shapeshifting private detective with a cell phone possessed by an unnerving demon, is hired on a simple missing person’s case. But when she finds her target dead, an unraveling conspiracy leads Twila and her crew into the darkest parts of the city in direct confrontation with the most evil and diabolical of monsters… “Michael Collins is a true talent!” –Joe Flynn, horror host, The Joe Flynn Show




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