Bi Mental Health Interview with Dr. Mimi Hoang Links

Los Angeles Bi Task Force

amBi Los Angeles (LA’s Bi Social Community)

Bi-osphere at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center

American Institute of Bisexuality

Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG), adapted by M. Hoang

Bisexual Resource Center



Hoang, M. (2013). Bisexual women’s sexuality. In D. Castenada (Ed.), The essential handbook of women’s sexuality. Praeger.

Hoang, M., Holloway, J., & Mendoza, R. (2011). An empirical study into the relationship between bisexual identity congruence, internalized biphobia and infidelity among bisexual women. Journal of Bisexuality 11(1), 23-38.

Hoang, M, (2006). Bisexual Women in Relationships: Investigating Ambi Identity, Internalized Monosexism, and Infidelity. Dissertation Abstracts International, B, 67/06. ISBN: 9780542738555. 


HuffPost Live, Mar 2014 Bisexuals Face the Greatest Health Disparities

American Institute of Bisexuality, Dec 2010It Gets Better


Guest Post: How to Find a Bi Competent Therapist by Estraven Le Guin


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