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August Heat by Walter Beck

August Heat
(By Walter Beck)

For Michael Brown

Lady Justice weeps from clouds of tear gas
As Ferguson, Missouri burns.

She weeps tears of blood,
Like a vengeful saint
Praying for another teenage kid
Shot down in cold blood.

Shot down with his hands in the air
By the boys in blue
Sworn to protect and serve.

Lady Justice is weeping tonight
As journalists are gassed down
And the area is declared
A no-fly zone.

Oh she’s weeping tonight
As the riot batons swing around and down;
A city locked out
And a story locked down.

She weeps for the cover-up and sanitizing
Happening for the whole world to see.

She weeps for the millions around the country
Losing faith in her scales,
Now out of balance.

Lady Justice,
Pray for us.
Pray for us,
Lady Justice.

In this cruel August heat,
In a Midwestern sun
Boiling with the blood
Of another innocent kid
Shot down in cold blood.

Pray for us,
Lady Justice.

Bring those restoring rains of truth
To wash away all this spilled blood.
Bring those restoring rains of truth
To renew us.

Show us again
That your scales balance out;

Instead of melting with anger
In this August heat.


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