New Work with TVTP

MainelyButch: Private Label

I started working with a very interesting project in the last few days, the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal.  My job – to research murder and violent cases concerning *Trans victims.  It requires a lot of hunting down of information and reading, data entry and understanding why it’s important.  

The purpose of the portal is to collect the maximum data possible for analysis and the to further our understanding and ability to work for changes to bring about justice.  Not only are these victims brutalized and often murdered, but they are defamed in the media reports and press releases.  Still in today’s world the media can be such a cruel place, often mis-gendering, misnaming and reporting with bias and hatred of their own.  *Trans related hate crime goes under-reported more than any other type of crime; why? Because of fear and because sometimes the authorities don’t care to do…

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