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The goal of Bi+ Story Project is to share the voices of bi/pan/fluid (bi+) people. Health. Education. Workplace. Community. Visibility. Operated by BOP. The Bi+ Story Project (BSP) is building a trove of stories and experiences to improve bi+ visibility and contribute to greater understanding of the resiliency and needs of bi+ identified people.

(We use bi+ to be inclusive of bi/pan/poly/fluid sexual orientations.)

There is a lack of understanding about the experiences of bi+ people. BSP seeks to change that.

BSP will operate story telling booths at Midwestern PRIDE events during the summer of 2014. Booth visitors will participate in a brief survey and then share their story privately in the booth. (Our booths are operated by trained “BoothOps!”)

What will become of the stories shared in the booths? That will be up to our community. Researchers will be able to submit proposals to access portions of the stories and data. They’ll have to pass through a rigorous review process to demonstrate the rational for their request for the data and show adequate institutional over site to ensure that the data is managed according to strict privacy standards.

Bi+ Story Project is operated by Bisexual Organizing Project – BOP (, a not-for-profit in the State of Minnesota. BSP has financial support from PFund Foundation. And, of course, your generous donations.



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