Meet The Crew: Eileen

Our lovely Bi Historian and Co-Host Eileen Leary

Our lovely Bi Historian and Co-Host Eileen Leary

Hi! My name is Eileen Leary, and I am a bisexual activist, historian, and archaeologist-in-training. I have a BA in History from the University of Saint Joseph, and am working towards my MA in Archaeology.

I have been out for nine years, and have been involved in queer activism for all of that time; however, it wasn’t until recently that I began to embrace my own community and focus specifically on fighting biphobia, sapphobia, and monosexism. I’m honored to be part of the BiCast as the official historian! Bisexuals are frequently seen as “trendy” or “rootless,” and many historically bisexual figures are assumed to be monosexual. I hope to erase those prejudices and correct the misinformation that plagues the intersection of the LGBT and historical communities.


One thought on “Meet The Crew: Eileen

  1. Hello, Eileen. I enjoyed your podcast on Sappho tremendously. I especially liked how you put her incredible talent first. But surely, the fragments about men are as startlingly vivid as those about women.

    One thing I think not everyone appreciates: We have so little of Sappho that one can read it in translation in a few hours. I have the 1965 translation by Guy Davenport, and read it anew every year.

    Best of luck with your program in archaeology. I expect you’ll be getting a PhD before long.

    (P.S. I am a 66 yr old bisexual man.)


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