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Meet The Crew: Becca

Our Lovely Becca Co-Host and tumblr Media Manager
Our Lovely Becca Co-Host, tumblr and Promotions Media Manager

Hi, I’m Becca, your BiCast co-host, tumblr manager and promotions media manager.

This is the bit where I tell you about me, right? Alrighty then, down to business.

I’m female (still sorting out whether gender fluid or gender non-conforming or some combination of the two), bi*sexual and madly in love with my cismale partner, mixed race (Caribbean/Indian in maternal line, White European (Polish) in father’s side), British (Yorkshire!), my social politics are left wing and my judicial politics lean more to the right, I’m a liberal Christian and was raised Catholic, I’m dyslexic and dyspraxic (It’s a fine motor skills and memory thing mostly, and a few social difficulties), I have an IQ of 140 and I’m a History major minoring in American Studies. I am a verbal analytical learner. I list things, I colour code things, I draw boxes around lists and write lists on boxes, I try to find order where there is none and I have made my peace with the beautiful chaos that is life as I know it. I say what I think; my writing style is the same regardless of my intended audiences. I am blunt and I say what I see, I am not a diplomat. I give my affections easily, trust comes later. I love completely or not at all. Everybody gets one chance, I do not forgive and I do not forget. I live my life feeling my way through the dark, I am intuitive, I judge a person by their handshake, how they play poker and what their fandoms and OTP’s are. I’m more interested in seeing someone’s bookshelf than their wardrobe. I can tell more about you by your watch than I can by your professed religion and if I ever look you in the eyes I will know instantly whether I trust you or not and I’ve never yet been wrong.

I realized I am bisexual when I was thirteen, one month before Pope Benedict declared on Christmas morning that homosexuals and bisexuals are a greater danger to the world than global warming and two weeks after I said ten Hail Mary’s and three Our Fathers as penance for my attraction to a classmate that I had confided in the Priest visiting my all-girl’s catholic high school. I was declaring my complete lack of religious belief by the end of that year. I found my faith again the night I found out that my boyfriend was deploying to a warzone, two weeks after I had spoken to his devoutly Christian sister and a week before the first time I attended a Christian Sunday service and answered an altar call with tears streaming down my face and two people I hardly knew holding me upright as I accepted a blessing from the pastor. Within six months I was baptized at that church, which was the last time I went there. That was the day one of the church elders decided was a good time to tell me that “we follow biblical teaching on sexuality here, and we don’t condone anything but the rightfully ordained heterosexual marriage” while my hair was still wet from the complete submersion in the pool outside the hall they gathered in. Two weeks later I went somewhere else, and six weeks after that I realized that I was looking in the wrong place. I was looking for acceptance and the churches I had attended weren’t even very good at faking it never mind going all the way and doing it for real. My baptism wasn’t about the building or the company; that day, me and the Lord, we came to a mutual understanding that no number of closet bigots will ever truly understand or be able to break.

I’m Becca, I’m your BiCast co-host, tumblr manager and promotions media manager and you will learn more by talking to me for three minutes than I could ever tell you, but what I have told you is a reasonable start to what I can only hope is a beautiful friendship.

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  1. I liked this self-assessment a very lot Becca. I get a sense of a thought-out honesty about you that is inspiring and refreshing. What area of American History is your focus ? I got my degree in Fine Arts Painting, but I have a great love for History. I grew up reading about the Civil war Era, and the Revolution, but have branched out in my reading in many directions. Have you traveled at all? Like you, I was aware of being bi by the time I was thirteen, but that was long before Pope Benedict. “Biblical teaching on sexuality” ? Wasn’t Jesus bisexual?

    • Hi, thank you so much, i appreciate that.

      I haven’t got a focus as such at the minute (still an undergrad) but i’ll be looking at the Vietnam War and also the post 9/11 era for my dissertation.

      I haven’t travelled outside of Europe but i am going to the USA this summer *so excited for that* 🙂

      Essentially she was gently telling me that the church is homophobic (and by extention biphobic) and while i didn’t find that in the flock the fact that one of the elders was willing to say that made me uncomfortable. As far as i am aware there is no evidence to suggest that Jesus was bisexual, or even sexual at all given the complete lack of verifable evidence that he was married which would have been very unusual for his time and position and so suggests as much although the lack of evidence is is not evidence either as the church has a long and sordid history of suppressing information.

      For a more liberal and common sense reading of the bible (that the person who spoke to me clearly lacked) i suggest this website

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