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GoFundMe Update




$350 website/bandwidth costs
$800 equipment costs (computer, external hard drive, portable drives, batteries, microphones, software)
$100 research materials (books, pamphlets, subscriptions, etc.)
$300 printing/merchandise costs (business cards, pamphlets, buttons)
$400 travel expenses (Rallies and events we need to cover)
$200 support services (transcription fees)

The BiCast rose out of the need to give the Bisexual Community a vocal platform for our concerns.
We do our best to bring you podcasts that are produced with diversity at our helm – region, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and our hosts and guests are from across the globe.
We’re passionate about our issues, our activism around the world and our audience.
Besides the regular monthly round table episode centered on a topic of interest, we have interviews, coverage of current events, our special series and segments, audience feedback and several other projects in the works.
We’ve been pitching in to make BiCast available to everyone who wants to tune in, and we’re growing faster than we imagined! In an ideal world, we wouldn’t ask you for anything. But we need money in order for us to be able to deliver professional quality podcasts, accessible across platforms on the Internet and to a wide variety of people.
While all of us volunteer our talents and services, we need the funds for production equipment and costs, support services, etc. This will give us access to a larger audience and it will enable us to reach a wider Bi Community! It will also keep us running for 6 months to a year!
Please help us keep BiCast alive, we need you!

Thank you,
The BiCast Crew (Lynnette, John, Apphia, Will[ow], Becca, Ruth, Eileen, Aud, Walter, Michael and Simone) 

You can set your donations as monthly

Since posting we have had some great response! Thank you ABilly Jones-Hennin, Larry Nelson, Sarah Stumpf, George Reilly Loraine, Hutchins, Meredith Simmons and Martha Hardy for your generous donations. And a special thank you to “anonymous” for your monthly donations! And to our past contributers a special re-hug to you. William Allen, David Livingstone and “anonymous”

Help us keep our Proud BI flag waving!!!
Help us keep our Proud BI flag waving!!!




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Producer and Co-Host "The BiCast"

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