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How to Help The BiCast

First, you can click The BiCast startup fund link. Anything you can give will help us buy the equipment, software, and services to take our podcast to the next level. So if you like what we’re doing to promote bisexual issues, please consider a contribution.

You can also browse The Bisexual Library. We continue to work on this catalog of a comprehensive list of books, and you can help us by suggesting new titles. Also, every sale at Amazon brings a little bit back to The BiCast. So, take a few minutes to discover some books which need to be in every bisexual library.

Episode 03 of the podcast is up. We discuss Labels with Shiri Eisner, Author of BI: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution and Cameron Kude, a local activist in Portland Oregon.

Episode 02 of the podcast focus was on our health issues. The Bisexual Resource Center did such amazing work to make Bisexual Health Awareness Month a rousing success. First is our interview w/ Ellyn Ruthstorm, President of Bisexual Resource Center. Next, listen to our roundtable on health issues w/ the BiCast gang.

Thanks for coming. We’re new, and anything you can do to help build our reach is much appreciated.

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