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BiThreads 01

thebicast-logo-1440x1440On The BiCast, we strive to be about, for and by our community. Recently, a great and simple question was posted to the BiNet USA group on Facebook. Many of these comments are what we speak among ourselves daily.

The question to the group was:

“What is the one thing that you wish the greater population understood about bisexuals.. or any other group identity you associate with”

John and Lynnette read a few of the responses to a very good question…….

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  1. I prefer to explain it this way: Most people were born with a filter that excludes one sex or gender or another. For str8 men, other men are excluded; for str8 women, other women are excluded; for gay men, women are excluded; for gay women, men are excluded. And of course there are all kinds of variations in this.

    But for me, apparently, I was not born with any kind of filter. I find myself emotionally and or sexually attracted to a person without considering their gender or sex. So it could literally be either or any combination thereof.

    I know this, tho–when I am committed to one person, my interest in the sex/gender opposite to that person seems to diminish dramatically. And I don’t cheat. It just never occurs to me.

    The great things about being bi that I have found include being able to understand both str8 and gay issues, and also being able to find fulfillment in more than one type of person, in terms of gender and sex.

    I truly feel blessed by God (I happen to be a believer) that he has made me bi!


    • Very well put Todd. Thank you for your feedback. And I think that many experience the same thing when in a committed relationship. My interest in anyone but my partner is nominal. And cheating is out of the question. It does not even enter my mind, no matter how the relationship is, good or bad.

  2. Thank you Todd that is the perfect description and it mirrors a lot of my own experiences.

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