BiBooks: My Zombie Fiance With Thea Strange

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published July 13, 2016
Lynnette welcomes back Thea Strange to talk about book two in the Undead Canadian Series “My Zombie Fiance” We also talk about the first book “My Zombie Boyfriend” and plans for the next book “My Zombie Wedding”
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Bisexual Conversations 101 by Harrie Farrow

Bisexual Conversations 101

A must have resource for Bi+ Activists and the entire non-monsexual community.

via Bisexual Conversations 101 — Writer Harrie Farrow

Bi/Pan/ Trans Activist Sally Goldner From Australia

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published June 22, 2016
Bi/Pan/Trans Activist Sally Goldner shares how the trans community is doing in Australia.

Sally Goldner lands top award for her dedication to the transgender community

Sally Goldner Executive Director Transgender Victoria

The Heroines: Interview with Sally Goldner

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The Pain Behind Pride

Yeager the Younger

Processing this past weekend’s attack has been difficult. When it happened, I was visiting Los Angeles to volunteer with their bi+ community at LA Pride. So much of my time there was glorious, especially meeting and working with such wonderful people, yet the weekend was tainted by bigotry and violence. I can’t fully shake feelings of despair, fear, and anger, but after a few days’ perspective, I’ve realized the emotion I feel most intensely is Pride.

It was slightly over a year ago that I first connected with bi+ folks in Portland, Oregon. I nervously walked into one of Bi Brigade’s monthly discussion groups at Q Center, but by the end of the meeting I knew these were my people. The evening’s only disappointment was learning that bisexuals had no contingent in Portland Pride that year. We kicked around possible remedies and exchanged email addresses before parting ways.1 Looking…

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Bisexual Activism in Australia with Misty Farquhar

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published June 12, 2016
Lynnette discusses the state of bisexual activism in Australia with Misty Farquhar.
Misty high res



Curtin Centre for Human Rights Education (PhD Candidate)

Rainbow Rights WA (Board Chair)

Befriend (Board Chair)

Bisexual Community (Admin)

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After Orlando And Healing Stigma With Kev Hogan

thebicast-logo-1440x1440Published June 14, 2016

Lynnette talks with Kevin Hogan of Healing Stigma about community healing #AfterOrlando.



Kevin Hogan is a thought leader on healing stigma, author, poet, radio show hostHuffington Post blogger, speaker, coach, consultant, and LGBTQ advocate. For the past three years, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Bisexual Resource Center, the oldest bi-specific organization in the United States. He is also a member of the Bisexual Leadership Roundtable. He currently serves on a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services working party for Building Resilient Communities through Trauma-Informed Congregations.

In September 2013, he was amongst the select group of leaders invited to the White House for a historic first meeting with the Obama administration on matters of bisexual health, inclusivity and awareness. Two years later, he was invited back for the 2015 White House Bisexual Community Policy Briefing.

A survivor of extreme high-profile stigmatization, Kevin has become an authority and thought leader on the subject of healing stigma. For years an inspiring high school English instructor, his life irrevocably changed after an international news story branded him “The Porn Star Teacher.” Kevin is currently co-authoring the book Healing Stigma: A Survivor’s Guide to Repairing Identity in the Internet Age with Dr. Galatzer-Levy. As a part of the Healing Stigma program, he also maintains a peer-to-peer support group for people dealing with stigmatization in their own lives.

Selections of Kevin’s poetry have been published in Glitterwolf Magazine (Issue 8 on Identity and Issue 9 on Gender). His first collection of poems, My Ríastrad, published by Antrim House Books, was a 2016 Lambda Literary Award Finalist. The collection is available on his poetry website or on


Kevin Hogan

Author, poet, coach, consultant, radio host & LGBTQ Activist

Healing Stigma
Healing Stigma on Left of Str8 Radio


Read my blog on the Huffington Post!

Like us on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @HealingStigma!



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Only Yesterday

(By Cher Guevara)

Only yesterday
I stood in the middle
Of a hundred thousand brothers and sisters
Cheering, clapping
Feeling so free and safe.

Only yesterday
I saw thousands of flags;
All the Colors under our umbrella
Waving without fear.

Only yesterday
We felt on top on the world,
On the peak of the mountain.

Now our eyes stream
To clean the blood off the bar.
Streams running down the hearts of our nation
Cleansing this river of hate;
That still cuts through our lives,
That still cuts down our lives.

Only yesterday we cheered,
Now today we mourn,
And tomorrow we re-organize;

A family together undeterred
Still marching forward.

We grieve with our community….

#standwithorlando #orlandostrong #orlandorising

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Equality Florida GoFundMe Pulse Victims Fund

BiNet USA Statement

weareoTo find out about vigils in your area happening today or tomorrow, please visit: #WeAreOrlando