BiNet USA Presents A Tribute To Black History ( 01)

Michelle Garcia, Senior Editor, Race and Identities at VOX and Faith Cheltenham, President, BiNet USA discuss identity maintenance, labels, relationships, black queer history and navigating as a black bisexual woman. First in a series of talks about Black History.
Michelle Garcia
Faith Cheltenham fcprez
Faith Cheltenham:


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Michelle Garcia:

Op-ed: My Bi Choice

“Gone Crazy in Alabama,” written by Rita Williams-Garcia

Dr_Ibrahim_Farajaje_Black_Bisexual_History_MonthIn Memoriam: Black, Multiracial, Bisexual Icon – The Reverend Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé

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Rorie Kelly 2016 Album Debut

Rorie returns to tell Lynnette about
the release of her new album
“Rising, Rising, Rising”
RisingGuitarFloat1200 RisingYoga1200 RorieKellyRisingRisingRisingCoverPhotos by Bryan Downey
Links: <— where to buy the album <—let’s be twitterpals!

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Not Really. Really?

And some great thoughts from Patrick!

Eponymous Fliponymous

I want to talk more about a logical fallacy that comes up a lot, one that I briefly mentioned in my article busting the myth(s) of the barsexual. It’s called the “No True Scotsman” fallacy, and the reason it’s called that is because it’s most commonly illustrated with stories similar to this one:

Feargus reads a story in the morning paper about a horrible murder in Edinburgh. “See what these foreigners within our borders have done! No Scotsman would have done such a terrible thing!” The next morning, he learns that the crime was committed by his second cousin. “Well, he’s not really a Scot, no True Scotsman would have done this.”

One of the big areas where this comes up is because people use a version of this to erase bisexuals, almost invariably by comparing us to myths and then using those myths to claim that we’re not “real…

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2016 GLAAD Media Awards With Alexandra Bolles

Lynnette talks with Alexandra about this year’s Media awards in April.


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Bi Local: 1 To 5 Club Utah With Shauna Brock

Lynnette chats with Shauna Brock of the 1 to 5 club in Salt Lake City , Utah. a long standing bisexual+ group based at Utah Pride Center.
1to5Club Starbuck and me StephLuShauna

Twitter: @1to5clubutah
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Support The BiCast

Made especially for my sister. 20% of the net profits will be donated to The BiCast, founded by Lynnette MFadzen, for their work in the community.

Bisexual Beanie from medusacreations on Etsy

bipridehollyThe Acorn Beanie is a fitted unisex hat style that can be worn by anyone. It can be made in a variety of lengths and in a variety of yarns, depending on it’s purpose.

This Bisexual Pride Flag offering is a total of 8″ from crown to brim. The unstretched circumference is 22 1/2″. It is crafted using Red Heart 100% acrylic yarns.

20% of the net proceeds for this hat will be donated to The BiCast, a Podcast for the Bisexual Community. For more information on the Portland, OR organization, look them up at Thank you for your donation.

This beanie can be crocheted using any LGBTQ Pride Flag colors. Convo me if you wish to discuss colors. Otherwise, be on the lookout for more listings.

**Fun with the BRC 2016!**

Lynnette, Aud, (BiNet USA) Heather and Kate (Bisexual Resource Center) talk about the year past, present and future.
Heather Benjamin and Kate Estrop Co-Presidents, Bisexual Resource Center
Bisexual Resource Center Board of Directors
BRC board at 9.21.15 WH briefing(1)
lynnand aud at the whAud Traher Vice-President
Lynnette McFadzen Secretary
Bi+: Self-Care and Intersecting Identities Day Long Institute

Take time this year to spend a focused and fulfilling day at the Creating Change Bi+ Institute where our theme will be self-care and intersectional identities. Bisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual, Fluid and Queer (Bi+) organizers are invited to participate. We are all united by being bi+, but we also have many other identities that shape our lived experiences as bi+ people. Identities such as people of color, elders, youth, trans, gender nonconforming, disabled, neurodiverse and many more make up our diverse community. Learn how to nurture and care for yourself and your communities while bringing your whole self into these spaces. Discussions will include Intersectionality, Biphobia and Monosexism, and learning how to develop programs. We will also have open space for attendees to suggest topics and a space for exploring the Bi+ Agenda for the future.

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